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At the Top

June 22, 2011

There has always been a strong emphasis on being at the top of the rankings in our culture.  Whether it’s winning the gold medal at the Olympics, graduating in the top ten of a high school class, being the headliner at a concert, or being the best golfer in the world, the elite of any group receive recognition for being at the top.

It’s not too different for entrepreneurs. We want to be the company the consumers think of first when they need something in our industry, we crave recognition in the media, and we might even strive to make the Forbes List of Billionaires in our life time. Hanging out at the bottom or even in the middle doesn’t rest easy with entrepreneurs. We are driven to succeed, to get close to number one.

When the world wide web was invented in Europe in the 1980’s and Google was developed in 1997 by two college students trying to enhance the way information was found on the internet, entrepreneurs didn’t know the value of being a highly ranked company on search engines like Google. Entrepreneurs where excited enough just to have a “www” address. Being ranked top on a page wasn’t top of our minds.

 But being ranked at the top of the search engines is now vital for companies striving for consumers to find them on the Internet which now exceeds 182 million websites. Like anything in life, women entrepreneurs must be educated and committed to making this subject a priority. It’s where big business lies.

 Today’s blog post is to encourage you to place learning about search engine optimization and online marketing at the top of your to-do list this year.  Go to seminars on the subject, speak with local or regional web or marketing consultants, and visit Google’s website to read what they have to offer on the subject.

I’m  also proud my company Women TIES (  ranks high on Google for “women entrepreneurs in syracuse”  and in many other regional cities where we host events .  We hope our members who are linked with us find this statistic amazing since it brings value to their own corporate ranking by being linked with us. We encourage women business owners not connected with us to think about joining for this reason alone. We want to help you climb to the top with us to draw more attention to your company.

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