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May 18, 2011

It happened quite suddenly one day. The date on the penny I picked up was blurry. I heard this happens when you hit your early 40’s.  One day short range vision is crisp and then the next day it’s hazy. It was like a light switch turned from on to off.  All of a sudden refocusing became a daily part of life.
Yesterday as I spoke with five women entrepreneurs about their businesses the word refocus was a theme in the conversations. Each explained how they were compelled the past year by internal and outside forces to shift their vision for their company.  For one it was because she had deviated from her original mission, for another it was because technology had changed so drastically, and for another it was because she was ready for bigger risks to grow revenue.  As entrepreneurs we sometimes need to refocus when our vision becomes hazy.  It can happen because our industry changes, it can occur because of outside influences or simply because we change and aren’t the same entrepreneur anymore.

It must have been an “R” kind of day (and I’m not referring to rain). Also common in the conversation were the words rebirth, renewal, and risk. Tired of conducting business the old way, all of these women were giving birth to new corporate ideas, embracing risk, and pursuing a new course with renewed passion and focus. They were revved up and ready.

Today’s blog entry is to encourage you to think about what parts of your business you want to refocus on.  What could you do to renew and rejuvenate your business? What risks are you eager and excited to take? What kind of resources do you need? How do you want to change as an entrepreneur? Is it time. Have you been waiting? If so, refocus today.

In the midst and calmness of another rainy day, think about how you can use this time to revive your business and yourself.  Refocusing doesn’t always have to be a bad thing (unless you like reading dates on pennies). It can be really satisfying as you take the haze away and create a new crystal clear vision for higher levels of achievement.

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