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New Initatives for Small Business Owners

April 27, 2011

Yesterday we received a letter in our mailbox from the owner of my husband’s company. I opened the letter knowing it was going to be another excellent piece of communication from the president of  Erie Materials, Inc. who hasn’t forgotten where his success has come from – his customers and employees. His letters are always direct and honest.

His letter addressed the rise in gas and delivery prices facing their company who transports large amounts of inventory between branches and to contractors in the field. The owner stated specific dates and price increases his customers were going to see as the year advances. His letter was to prepare them for proper pricing of their services as they bid jobs now for the middle and end of the year. He listed exact reasons why building material prices were increasing, gave projections for fuel increases and reiterated how dedicated they were to keeping price increases as minimum as they could to help their customers. The goal was to inform their customers so they could make better business decisions to keep their companies profitable.

I believe the letter will continue to create great loyalty between contractors and this company because of the consistent and caring communication. This leader understands the economy has created an excellent opportunity to reach out, touch and communicate with their clients. I am positive his written initiative will keep his customers buying from him and protect his customers from losing money.

With the media reporting on the rising price of gas everyday and a stalled economy, entrepreneurs are concerned their businesses will feel the money crunch as their customers decide when and where to spend their money. Honest and direct communication with our clients can elevate worry, formulate conversations and lessen panic for both sides. It takes initiative as a leader to address concerns we think our clients may have doing business with us – especially now. Nothing is staying the same, so we can’t communicate the same. We have to step it up.

Today’s blog is to show you that leaders all over this country in different industries and in larger companies are taking creative initiatives to ensure their clients stay informed and worry free about doing business with them. As entrepreneurs we should do the same. If you feel an effective letter sent to your clients can inform and educate them, create one today.

I don’t believe in allowing myself to be anxious every time gas or food prices rise. We are consumers living in a market we can’t control. But we do have control over how we conduct our own businesses, whether we remain positive or become negative in this economy, whether we seek more opportunities to market and sell better than before or to give up. I challenge you to remain positive, to communicate with your clients more often, and to take as many initiatives as you can to rise above the crowd and get noticed. Keep selling. Keep moving. Keep going.

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