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Living in the Numbers

April 6, 2011

The work day ended with a brisk walk as I closed down the office.  Eager to clear my mind of the details of the day, I stepped out into the swirling, cold wind hoping to loosen the business issues of the day from my mind.  Everything about the experience was invigorating – the air temperature, my stride, the speed at which I released the day’s worries. The heartiness of the exercise combined with the wild wind left me completely relaxed and energized.  It’s amazing how one’s spirit can rejuvenate itself in thirty minutes.

I deserved the walk after working for 48 hours straight to organize 2010 finanical information for my annual tax appointment; and then sitting through that appointment  to learn the results of my hard work. I’m not sure how other women entrepreneurs feel but I think there’s something extremely perplexing about annual tax appointments.  You hope your yearly revenue looks higher than previous years so you feel successful; while at the same time praying you didn’t earn too much to pay a lot of taxes.  What was really churning through my head was how to measure my entrepreneurial success? Should my feeling of accomplishment be based on these annual figures or on something else?  How does one measure success? Is it what we see in black and white and submit to the government or is it much more?

 Talking to other women entrepreneurs – many of them very experienced professionals – I know feeling successful does rest in some part on the figures we see at the end of the year.  That black and white truth is hard to ignore.  We need financial reality to help us establish benchmarks, set new goals, and fix bad practices. It’s not possible to be an entrepreneur without living in the numbers.  We need to relish in them at least once a year – good or bad – for they strike a chord.

Today’s post is to encourage you to embrace your annual earnings that appeared on your tax return this year.  High or low they tell a story of what you did this year, where you invested your interests and the outcome of the choices you made.  No matter what the results, they reveal the truth and help you plan. You’ll either end up doing what you have been doing right or you’ll change to accomplish what you financially desire most.

If facing the facts seems hard today, take a nice brisk walk before and after you’re done analyzing them to clear your mind and energize your entrepreneurial soul so you can focus on reaching the monetary success you know you want  to achieve and deserve.

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  1. Jamie permalink
    April 6, 2011 11:25 am

    Excellent advice, I really liked it!


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