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The Ideal Client

February 16, 2011

 The first three years owning my first business, an events management company,  was like a roller coaster – slightly wild.  With a business administration degree, post graduate courses, nine years experience as a professional event manager, I entered the market eager to land any type of event – big and small ones, organization or corporate programs, and an array of personal events. Being young and eager to make money, I took on any event that came my way.

It wasn’t until my company was three years old when I realized I had to stop taking every event I could. I needed to analyze my figures and revisit my business plan because I had been operating in a whirlwind – like most businesses do when they begin.  It was time to stop and analyze the statistics – the number, type and size of events performed, money earned, hours spent, profit made so I could glean a clear picture of where I had been and where I wanted to go.  I was still passionate about my entrepreneurial venture but wiser. I knew I needed to define and target ideal clients and work solely with them to become more successful.

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so eager for any revenue, especially in the start-up phase, growth stage or when economic times are lean, they get diverted and take on business not in sync with their corporate plans. Most entrepreneurs know they have turned a corner when they turn down business for the first time or more frequently than they have before. 

Yesterday as I sat in a sales seminar produced by and was asked to identify my ideal client, I was pretty confident of the answer. I couldn’t have answered that question ten years ago. But with time and experience comes wisdom. It’s up to us as entrepreneurs to pay attention to the changes that develop within us and around us that direct our intentions. Every day the sun sets and the sun rises blending day into day. We can’t as women entrepreneurs let our business days blend into each other for too long without noticing what’s happening or we’ll find ourselves working with customers that don’t fit our target market.

Today I encourage you to take a break from the blur of your business activity to notice if you are working with the right clients and on the correct projects. Have you said yes too many times to revenue opportunities that aren’t ultimately right for your company? Are you spending enough time searching for and selling to the right customer? Are you confident you know who your ideal customers are?If the answer is no, take the necessary steps you need to identify your niche, find your ideal clients, and secure more of them so you can have a more successful corporate future.

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  1. February 16, 2011 11:13 am

    Thank you for this. Insightful.

    Spread the humor:


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