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Growing a Business with Virtual Assistance

February 4, 2011

Most women entrepreneurs I know become business owners because they are technically strong in a particular area. They decide to take their expertise and create a business to earn income. Many of them succeed quite well and after three years in business realize with persistence, constant networking, consistent marketing and outstanding customer service they’ve hit the wall because they have too many customers and too many potential sales opportunities in front of them.  All of a sudden being the only person within the business to manage accounts, keep up with billing, promote successes, network for new business, becomes difficult. They start retreating and just maintaining what they have created to that point. Growth becomes impossible.

Luckily for some women, they discover the will to push past this problem and look for help. Finding a staff member or outsourcing business activities to other entrepreneurs rises to the top of their list. For some, finding a virtual assistant, from their own area or a different region, makes sense. Giving up the control, relinquishing some duties, and trusting another person to handle work is necessary for this type of business growth.

Next week in the Mohawk Valley, a Rochester women entrepreneur will help other women understand the value of hiring a Virtual Assistant. Ann Michael Henry of Mise En Place, will share tips in why women need one, how to find one, how to manage one, and how to grow a company with one.  If you are a single entrepreneur looking for information on how to grow, please join us. To make a reservation, click on this special Women TIES link.

A special thank you to the Women TIES Mohawk Valley women entrepreneurs who help to decide on the quarterly luncheon topics, encourage other women to join them at the event, and promote women entrepreneurship in their area. Consider learning more about them or come to meet them next week. They are: Eileen Kent, Stories of a Lifetime; Julie Darling, Alzheimer’s Association; Linda Fake, Uniquely Yours; Mary Yoder, Chiropractic Family Care & Shaklee; Michelle Shauger, Primerica, Michaela Rosenberger, Romantic Ceremonies by Michaela; Sharon St. John, Small Business Development Center; Tracy Black, Pampered Chef; and Veronika Freeman, dotcalm.

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