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Million Dollar Aspirations

January 26, 2011

I remember as a fairly new entrepreneur listening to a million dollar in sales business owner share her secrets in growing her company. She admitted that one day she had an epiphany as she turned away some new clients. Overcome with work, she simply couldn’t take on any more customers on top of her current client load and other managerial responsibilities. Her inability to delegate corporate tasks was hampering her sales.

After listing and categorizing all of her business duties – the big ones and small ones -she analyzed how much time she spent on each duty.  After the analysis, she had a crystal clear perspective that she was handling too many non-revenue producing activities and not enough revenue generating ones. She knew at that point in order to grow her company, she had to hire help. 

She admitted feelings of trepidation at finding and hiring someone that would work perfectly for her growing company. She acknowledged it took a number of interviews and hiring the wrong person to find the right staff member. But in the end, the risk, money and time she invested in doing so, gave her the freedom and time to grow her sales to over a million dollars. There wasn’t any other way she could do it, but to let go of some responsibilities to someone else.

Deciding to grow a company can only come from the heart of the entrepreneur. We know when the time is right or when circumstances are forcing us to change. We may do it because we’ll lose more if we don’t advance. We might choose to do it because we want to make more money. We may feel compelled to do it because the time is right in the market.  We have to be really honest about the circumstances making us feel like we have to take a major change. Do we personally want more – more time, more money or more relief from work? Do we want to make our companies stronger and more financially successful? If the answer is yes, than now is the right time to make the plans and start the process. 

Today take some time  to reflect on your growth intentions for 2011. Are you ready for the challenge of expanding your business? Is it the right time in your life and in the market? Do you have the financial and human resources in place to support your growth plans? 

If the answer is yes, seek the assistance you need to start on the way. It will take extra time, extra money, extra effort, and extra resources to grow. If the time is right for you personally, remember the stories of all the women who have grown their companies before you. They are brilliant examples of what hard work, smart decisions and risk are all about.

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