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Serious Intentions

January 8, 2011

Around 1998 when I was leader of another women’s business organization, we had a presenter who made the audience take a short survey. The survey was trying to pinpoint the reasons women were beginning to become entrepreneurs. At that time, there were about 20 of us in the group as women were just exploring this new career option.

I remember being very surprised when the surveys were tallied and the presenter asked the group, “What do you think is the number one reason why women are starting their own businesses?”  The answers ranged from making a lot of money to being their own boss to using their expertise differently and needing to bring in a secondary income. The presenter said, “Good guesses but the answer is flexibility. Women who are starting their businesses want the flexibility to be in charge of how and when they spend their time between their careers and personal life.”  It might seem like a basic answer today but in 1998, women entrepreneurship was not popular and not viewed as serious as it is today. 

Twelve years later I think flexibility is still a major reason why women run their own companies, but I also think women entrepreneurs have evolved and now choose entrepreneurship to create stable, sustainable, income producing ventures. We have to, and must remind ourselves, we need to make money with our businesses or we are just dabbling in a hobby. 

At the beginning of a new business year, we have to be mindful of our intentions. We should ask ourselves the same question the presenter asked the audience, “Why did I choose to be an entrepreneur?” If your answer is to make more money, then remember it and set specific sales goals. If your answer is to create flexibility in your life, make sure you don’t get obsessed with working that you don’t take time for additional education, visiting your children in school or volunteering. If your answer is to produce a bigger enterprise that employees staff in the future, set a timeline on how and when you will advance in this area.

Today’s blog should inspire you to think about the real reasons you are a woman entrepreneur today. What do you really want out of this career? Are you taking your job seriously enough and creating more financial and growth opportunities for yourself each year or are you just getting by? Are you enjoying being an entrepreneur because you do want flexibility and a balanced professional and personal life? The question is “What can you do in 2011 to become the woman entrepreneur you want to be?”

My hope is today you identify why you choose this profession and make the changes you need to be living the career you intended this to be for yourself.

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