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The Entrepreneurial Gift of the Season

December 22, 2010

I was reminded of the true gift of the season a couple days ago when I ran into a woman entrepreneur who has struggled with a severe medical problem for three months. An unforeseen incident took her away from her business and into hospitals and home confinement where she could not, and still cannot, operate her company. All she continues to do is rest, recuperate and let her business be “cared for” by volunteers. But being the dedicated and passionate woman she is, having to let go of running her company has been overwhelming.  Feelings of guilt continue to accompany her thoughts.

As I looked at her showing such dedication for being out and buying gifts for her family in spite of her physical weakness, I said, “Let others do what you need to have done right now. The world is full of really good people no matter what the media or news reports want us to believe.  It doesn’t take a lot of pain or suffering for people to come to each other’s side to offer support. We should never underestimate how good people really are.”

We ended our conversation with her acknowledging that with the grace of volunteers, her advisory board, and dear friends, her company has actually been surviving and thriving in her absence. I encouraged her to continue to let others help her for as long as they wanted to and as long as she needed.  Their dedication to her and her company was evidence of their respect for her and her mission.

All year long I am amazed at the strength of women and also how women come to each other’s sides through our organization. Sometimes it is the act of buying from each other to show support for a new product or service. At times, it’s sharing painful entrepreneurial lessons and advice to help another woman entrepreneur with a problem. Sometimes it’s giving leads and referrals to help a woman grow her business. Most often it is encouragement in the form of simply stated words of inspiration.

With this reflective season upon us, I hope you’ll take time to pause and acknowledge your entrepreneurial blessings. It could be a supportive staff, valuable vendors, long time clients, or new entrepreneurial friends.  Each of them are gifts to us. Sometimes it takes the warmth of this holiday to remember how valuable they are.

Today’s blog entry is to inspire you to count your entrepreneurial blessings. To take a few minutes to acknowledge special individuals who have supported you beyond expectation this year. To share how you feel with dedicated staff, vendors, clients and friends who have made 2010 extra special.  To take a few minutes to remind yourself that every day you live the gift of entrepreneurship sharing your talents with the world.

May this holiday be extra meaningful to you.  May the accomplishments of the year and hope for the future fill your heart with gratitude, peace and joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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