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Own Your Power

October 6, 2010

Oprah’s latest magazine theme is “Own Your Power!” The main feature article is about her top 2010 Power list of women who are ‘rocking’ the world. Recognizable women like Julia Roberts, Diane Sawyer and Vera Wang are acknowledged for their long lasting successes. Also featured are not so famous women like Kamala Harris, the first African-American D.A. in California, Lyndsey Addario, a photojournalist who spends 280 days a year capturing conflict and human suffering in Sudan and Afghanistan, and Rebecca Onie, founder of Project Health, a nonprofit organization that places student volunteers in urban clinics assisting patients in receiving “prescriptions” for food, housing and legal aid.


As Oprah states, “There are people you meet who seem destined to accomplish something extraordinary. You know within seconds of saying hello that their light shines a little brighter than most. You hear the passion when they speak. And you have no doubt that they are going to make their mark on this world.”  I know what Oprah is speaking about because I honestly feel that way when I meet women entrepreneurs in my travels. When a woman is passionately pursing a dream that fills her up, brings value to her clients, and is positively making a difference in the marketplace, you can see and sense it in everything about her. It’s probably one of the main reasons women become entrepreneurs, because we have something important to do, we feel we have to make the contribution, and live the dream.

The magazine article suggests what make these high achievers so successful is not just their drive but their zeal, charisma and magnetic personalities. They all seem to possess an inner superstar quality that makes them vibrant, magnetic and positioned to attract good. Their internal dazzle illuminates what they do and who they are.

Today’s inspirational podcast is to encourage you to reconnect with your inner superstar qualities. We all have them. Sometimes we get too tired, too focused, too stressed to let the light shine. We forget why we are pursuing our dream or let negative circumstances cloud our brilliance. Today, remember what it was like to feel you could do anything when you began your business. That flame still exists inside you but it might need some fresh air to fuel a bigger blaze.

When you feel like your energy is dwindling, remember there are women just like you, whether they live in New York State or are featured in Oprah’s magazine, that live with purpose every day. Remind yourself why you are a woman entrepreneur, be proud and grateful for the opportunities you have, own your power and go change the world for yourself and the marketplace.

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