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Become An Expert in Your Field

August 4, 2010

 In Jay Conrad Levinson’s book, “Guerrilla Publicity” he features hundreds of sure-fire tactics to get maximum sales for minimum dollars. One of the chapters is entitled: “Find Your Uniqueness and Capitalize On It.”  He states, “Take inventory. Find out what’s unique about you and what special ingredients distinguish you and your product or service from the crowd. Then come up with a clever, interesting, and unusual way to tell the world about it.”

In every media outlet in the world, we see individuals who have discovered or created uniqueness and have become known as experts in their field.  Martha Stewart, Suze Ormon, Mary Kay Ash and Debbie Fields are just a few. These women have created a brand around their expertise of home design, money matters, cosmetics and cookies! They all had to start somewhere. Each woman had to look at themselves and identify what made them different from the norm; and then they had to capitalize on it.

One of my Women TIES Advisory Board Members has done the same thing for herself. Trisha Torrey, President of, has created an amazing brand which helps patients become their own best health advocate. In five short years, Torrey has become an author, newspaper columnist, radio talk show host, patient empowerment expert, blogger and dynamic healthcare speaker.  All of these titles sprung from her personal story, unique position in the marketplace, and her interest in becoming an expert in her field.  

Today consider if your own special insights, understandings and perspectives make your voice unique. Consider how you can capitalize on your uniqueness today so you can position yourself as an expert in your field in the future.

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