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Daring Women: Going for Gold

June 24, 2010

Last fall when I was looking for a dynamic speaker for our first Greater Albany/Saratoga luncheon, I was introduced to Merci Miglino, an energetic woman who had been promoting ideas and people within the New York political scene for nearly 20 years. A former teacher, reporter, communications director, campaign manager, and successful business coach she definitely had the credentials to be our guest speaker.


Merci Miglino

My favorite moment during her speech, on envisioning prosperity, was when she taught the lively audience of 50 women entrepreneurs how to get daily applause in their lives. Merci instructed the audience to stand up and pretend we had just gotten out of bed. As we approached the bathroom mirror, we were to visualize all our fans (the people who acknowledge us and support us every day) looking back at us. Then we had to take a big, energetic and effortless bow to thank them for their belief in us.  It was so much fun to see 50 women taking bows in the middle of one of our programs. It lightened all of us.

Recently Merci contacted me because she is taking her show on the road and hoping to land her OWN Show on the new Oprah Winfrey Network. It didn’t take me long to say yes because the memory of how she moved the crowd at the Albany event resonated in my mind. I also love women with gumption and like-minded thinking. In 1999, I submitted my own video tape to appear on an Oprah Show and had my 30 second video shown. I didn’t appear on her show in person but I was seen by millions of viewers all over the world. It was a fantastic experience and one I have always treasured. Now ten years later, I am excited to support another woman trying to make her own Oprah dream a reality.

What I love about women is our willingness to get behind big dreamers and applaud them towards success. Not all of us have the bravery it takes to audition for our own show on Oprah, but Merci does. I hope her drive to share her wit and enthusiasm with the world will inspire you to dream big today and to vote for her (see the information on how you can do that below).

Today’s blog is to remind you to do something daring today. Follow in the footsteps of other women who are taking risks, challenging themselves and dreaming large to make something extraordinary happen for themselves.  Now is the time to take some bold steps in a new direction.  If you need some encouragement  before you take the plunge, go look in the mirror, greet your fans and take your bow. Remember if Merci can do it and thousands of other women can do it, you can do it too!

Take a moment to help Merci obtain her OWN show by visiting her video and casting a vote by clicking here

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