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Celebrate Your Business Anniversary

June 2, 2010

Most women entrepreneurs I know are so busy running and growing their companies, they don’t take time to stop and celebrate the big moments. Big moments come when we finally secure a large contract we’ve worked months to get, when we hit a major growth goal, when we hire our first employee or when we approach a major anniversary. We are so hard working we sometimes forget we have all the time we desire to recognize our accomplishments. But it’s up to us to set the date on our calendar and plan the celebration!

I knew when Women TIES fifth anniversary approached in March, I wanted to gather as many of our 300 members together in one location to celebrate our success and theirs. Women TIES wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have women who believed in our services, lived our mission of buying from other women, and invested time and money in our organization. Our success is due to their participation. Their success is due to their participation. The more women believe in the buying and selling power of women, the sooner we will all become more financially successful together.


 So with 85 regional members gathered in the room, some of the members from my amazing advisory board, toasted to the success of all women entrepreneurs. It was a joyous celebration and one meant to inspire each and every woman in the room to strive for, and celebrate, their own accomplishments. 

If you are a woman entrepreneur reading this blog today, pick up your calendar and mark down your business anniversary. Plan a celebration – big or small  – and enjoy it! Invite your supporters,  clients, and friends to join you. A party is enjoyed the most when you are  surrounded by those you cherish.

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