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Be Inspired – Fill Your Mind

May 27, 2010

Often we wake up in the morning with a full task list racing through our minds, a full day of business and personal responsibilities lined up, or a full pile of bills to pay. Sometimes the weight of what we have packed into the day overwhelms us before the sun rises. It’s not the best way to start the day, but many times it’s reality.

This morning as I woke up to take an early morning run my mind wasn’t full of bills, task lists and worries; instead it was full of positive thoughts after being with 85 women yesterday at Women TIES’ anniversary event.  What a collection of amazing women gathered in one room to share another woman’s success as well as their own. It’s what makes doing business with other women entrepreneurs so unique.  We love celebrating each other’s success as much as our own.

As I listened to seven members share their best business lessons learned and how Women TIES has influenced them personally and professionally, I noticed each of them took advantage of services we offer, attended events, and took to heart the lessons learned from other women in order to grow their businesses. Success always takes action. Women entrepreneurs are inspired to act when they hear other women’s successful stories. These stories fill their minds with potential for their own achievements.

The common theme in each one of the presenter’s speeches on what has made them successful over the past five years was their willingness to take risks, to ask for help, and to take big leaps of faith in moving their businesses forward. Many times listening to another woman inspired them to take a leap of faith with a business risk that paid off. It’s why we plan so many events with different women sharing their success strategies. We know it influences other women to positive action.

Today’s blog is to encourage you to open your mind and your calendar to attend events where other women can inspire and educate you. When you think your calendar is just too full for one more event, remember you might just wake up the morning after the event with a full mind of great business ideas instead of a full mind of worries. Allow yourself to be inspired and watch what happens next!

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