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Influences on a Business

May 22, 2010
In the English dictionary, the word influence means – the effect of something on a person, thing or event or the power that somebody has to affect other people’s thinking or actions by means of argument, examples or force of personality.  As I begin preparations for next week’s special Women TIES celebratory event earmarking our fifth anniversary, I pause to consider the influences, both internally and externally, which gave birth to and sustain this growing organization.
A wise woman once told me as a young entrepreneur in 1995 to “follow the natural path of my business,” little did I know following that path would open up my world to an abundance of dynamic women passionately pursuing their own business dreams.  The power of each woman’s ambition, their determined spirit, and ability to support and share in the success of other women climbing next to them, has lifted, inspired and motivated me for the past five years. I pause to consider what I would have missed if I never took the risk to create a unique business organization that came from a need I heard from women across Central New York.
Of course the path hasn’t been easy. As women entrepreneurs, we know the road gets rough. But in the midst of good times or bad, we must concentrate on the doors that have opened for us because of our belief and resolve in our abilities and destiny. The theme for next week’s celebration is “Celebrating Every Woman’s Success” because I believe, and know for sure, that each and every woman who has crossed my path the past five years is successful because every day they choose to walk a “path less traveled” with grit, vision, and passion determined to influence the world around them.

Today’s blog is simply a thank you to every single woman who has read one of our weekly e-newsletters, attended an event, been a member of our organization, lived our mission by buying from women, or simply supported women who have entrepreneurial dreams. You inspire me every day through your action and words.

I hope women entrepreneurs all over New York State, our nation and the world will join me in spirit on May 26th as Women TIES celebrates the individual and collective successes of our members and our organization.  I know for sure together we will continue to gain positive financial and personal strides to influence and change the world for women.

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