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Simplicity and Honesty Grows a Business

March 17, 2010

International businesswoman and Skaneateles resident Patience Brewster, President of Patience Brewster, Inc., addressed one hundred women at last week’s Skaneateles Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Luncheon with what she believed to be the keys to their international and national success. She said, “Simplicity and honesty has really worked for our business.”

 This beautiful and intelligent woman shared her entrepreneurial beginnings as a thirteen year old girl creating pincushions and purses from scraps from a weaving shop she worked at and by selling riding lessons for $2 to children in her neighborhood.  Years later her business spirit and art background led her to create greeting cards for a national company which eventually spurred her own card line, Christmas ornaments and paintings for gallery exhibits. Her work is now known and recognized worldwide.

When Patience spoke about growing an international company she talked about the importance of quality control, “When we realized our product, which we take great pride and time in making, wasn’t being respected in larger stores we pulled out our orders and found stores who sold our products with care and in the conditions we expected. We came to value people who valued our product and sold our items the way we wanted them sold.” She closed her presentation sharing their customer service policy, “We treat Neiman Marcus the same way we treat the average customer in Skaneateles. We keep it simple and our customers like it.”

Today remember that growing a company means testing the waters in bigger markets but not forgetting to get so large that the quality of your product and image of your company gets lost in the process. Whether you are running a small company and growing it one person at a time, or watching your growing business get larger by the day, don’t forget your beginnings, your values and Patience’s words that “sometimes simplicity and honesty really work well.”

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