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86,400 Seconds In A Day

March 10, 2010

For five years I’ve been writing weekly inspirational enewsletters called the “Wednesday Wisdom”. Frequently I receive questions from readers on where the inspiration comes from. Honesty I never know what I’m going to write about until the day before it is published. The inspiration comes from conversations, client situations, feelings, program topics or relevant business issues. It’s a fun and creative process that balances my logical organizational strengths.

Today’s message was inspired by a new song from the 2009 American Idol winner Kris Allen. His popular song is my new favorite running tune. It’s called “Live Like We’re Dying.”  My favorite line in the song is, “We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away.” The line could relate to any part of someone’s personal life but the entrepreneur in me hears “You’ve been given 86,400 seconds in a day to make something happen for your business or you lose the day.” 

Every day presents itself with an abundance of time to make big decisions to move our business forward or perform small tasks to get us better organized; opportunities to make sales calls or a chance to pick up the phone to thank clients; signing a new big client or firing a customer who produces too much havoc. We have a lot of time to work especially if you count it in seconds. 

 The rest of the song focuses on “living life like we’re dying.” My entrepreneurial mind sees those lyrics as “we have to run this business like there is no tomorrow with everything resting on today.” We must continue to push past our limitations and take risks while we enjoy what we do.

Since I am personally dedicated to the financial success of women entrepreneurs in my organization and to the women I meet at our events, I encourage you today to push yourself past any financial limiting thoughts you have right now based on the current economic climate, your personal financial risk- taking boundaries or lack of capital to make your business grow.  If you need some help making “money work for you” join us in Ithaca next week at the Women TIES Greater Ithaca luncheon and learn from two experts who help women every day feel more confident about key financial decisions.

Today’s blog is to remind you that you have 86,400 seconds today to make important monetary decisions to shape your current and economic future. Live right now with a stronger focus on money and sales. Make all 86,400 seconds count!

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