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Holiday Selling Tips

November 22, 2009

How much selling have you done lately? With the holiday approaching your business might be experiencing it’s high or low season depending on what you sell. If this is a typically low selling season for your company or if you are interested in generating more revenue in December for your busiest time of the year, read today’s success strategies on selling.

Selling Multiple Services or Products at One Time:

When selling multiple services or products to prospective clients, focus on delivering the information in a “menu” effect. List all the services or products you have, their features and most importantly the benefits they offer to the client. By having a “menu” approach, you are able to list everything you provide without bombarding your client to buy everything all at once. The “menu” creates awareness. Schedule an appropriate time after the information has been presented to follow up with them on one item or service at a time. Don’t overwhlem them with too many options.

Warm Calls Are More Effective Than Cold Calls:

When you make cold calls, 3% of the individuals you contact will buy from you. When you make warm calls (to individuals who know about your company, who are familiar with you, who have purchased from you before, etc.), you have a 30% success rate. Create a list of warm prospects for the next time you need to generate sales for your company. Remember when you attend Women TIES luncheons, we give you our signature sales tool which is the perfect “warm sales tool” to use to make sales calls.

Schedule Your Time Wisely:

An entrepreneur should split up their daily/weekly efforts into four categories: 25% of their time focused on adminstrative work; 25% of their time planning for growth and direction of the company; 25% of the time focused on top clients who bring in 80% of their company’s revenue; and 25% networking in the community. Paying attention to your top clients and networking in the community can also be seen as a vehicle for future sales.

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