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Working in the Right Space

October 7, 2009
As I walked through the beautiful wooden and glass doors that grace the Welch Allyn Lodge (, my eyes were instantly drawn forward through the breathtaking ceiling to floor glass windows to a large tranquil pond surrounded by orange and red colored trees. Peace and beauty envelope you the moment you enter the doors. What a gift to be in this stunning venue.  

I seized the opportunity to sit outside on their wooden deck overlooking the pond when their exceptional event manager, Linda Kehoe, asked me if I would like to finalize details for the “Inspiring Success” Retreat there. After our wonderful meeting, I walked away knowing, without a doubt, that this is the perfect place to bring women together – to relax them, to inspire them, to introduce them to each other.
As women entrepreneurs we must realize the environment we work in should give us as much joy as it does our clients. We deserve to be enveloped in a calming and productive environment that allows us to generate work at our highest levels. When our customers come in the door, they should be greeted with surroundings that welcome them too. Sometimes our senses can alter what we think and feel making a business transaction peaceful or unpleasant. We must set the right environment for ourselves, staff and customers.
When my advisory board and I decided to name this new annual event a “retreat” instead of a conference, symposium or convention, it was because we were sitting in the Lodge’s Great Fireplace Room discussing our passion for bringing as many regional women as we could together to inspire them towards their highest goals. Although education is a large part of this event, we knew once women walked through the front doors and enveloped themselves in this atmosphere, and surrounded themselves with other inspirational women, they would be treating themselves to a well deserved day away from the typical daily grind. Sometimes only through relaxation can we open our ourselves and our businesses to new possibilities.
Today remind yourself that you deserve to work in a space that inspires, calms and enlightens your mind. Make sure you create the right environment to be the most productive and happy entrepreneur possible. Don’t forget the next time a customer walks through your front door, they sense what you sense.
I look forward to personally greeting you as you walk through the front doors of the beautiful Welch Allyn Lodge in Skaneateles at next week’s Retreat ( We are taking reservations the rest of this week and into Monday. I promise you the view, the wisdom and the women you meet will be worth it. You might just not want to leave.

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