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Location, Location, Location

September 30, 2009

Monday as I sat at the Connections event on the beautiful SUNY Oswego (  campus next to my former marketing teacher, I thought back to the marketing theories I received as a student in her class. The most vivid lesson was the one on the importance of “location, location, location” when starting a business. Back then McDonalds had the “corner” on erecting stores on prime real estate properties based on traffic patterns and neighborhood demographics. They had “location” down pat. I’m sure location is still a vital part of a retail store’s success but in today’s Internet focused marketplace, a company’s location, place and position on the top of the search engines is imperative for its marketing outreach; so is its ability to launch and sustain a social media marketing plan to an increasingly online consumer market.

In the last year Women TIES has conducted a couple luncheons focused on social media marketing. At each event there has been a diversity in women entrepreneurs’ knowledge, understanding and usage of social media to promote their businesses. Many of us struggle with knowing the best online strategies to help advertise our companies. If there’s one business topic women need to become clearer about before the end of this year, it’s understanding for once and for all what social media marketing is really about and creating the right strategy for their companies. I’ve asked two women who have become experts in the field to educate and advise us at the Retreat (  so we can finally walk away with the knowledge we need to create our own corporate plan.

Today remind yourself that although marketing a business has changed dramatically over the past few years, education offers clarity, knowledge and insight to learn what we need to be successful. The only way we will keep growing as business owners is to take the time to be instructed on the best strategies and then go back to our offices and implement them no matter where our business are located.

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