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15 Second Pitch

September 7, 2009

If you have been a consistent reader of blog or Wednesday Wisdom enewsletters, you know I have a tendency to be wordy in my writing. If you’ve met me in person you know my writing style is similar to my talkative Italian personality. I always want to make sure someone reading or listening to me understands my point.  
So when you ask me to explain in a few words about my two businesses, there is no quick and easy explanation. You’ll get an excited and enthusiastic response to how my businesses help others. I don’t have a short and sweet way to efficiently explain both companies benefits because my personality doesn’t allow it. I simply love what I do too much to cut to the chase.
With personal attention spans getting shorter due to fast paced technology like instant messages and texting, an entrepreneur’s opportunity to explain what they do and what they offer has to be short and sweet.  Sometimes it’s hard to roll fifteen years experience, a changing product line, and new business innovations into a succinct explanation.
Like other aspects of our professional and corporate development, we need to continually improve our marketing message and sales pitch to capture clients. Creating meaningful, impactful, sales pitches is one way to improve corporate opportunities.

If it’s been awhile since you updated your sales pitch, improved your marketing message, or stopped talking long enough to realize you need to be briefer, than maybe it’s time to do something about it! Visit one our member’s businesses 15 Second ( to learn how you can create a stunning and effective 15 second pitch for your business today.   Just remember it’s okay to have lengthy conversations with your closest friends and family members but short and sweet sales pitches can be really effective for your business.

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