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New York State Fair Advice

September 2, 2009

Like thousands of New York State citizens, I made my annual visit to the Great New York State Fair this weekend. As a professional event manager, I’m always amazed at this well organized, multi-week event. As a business owner, I’m always keeping my eyes open to learn new business insight from Fair vendors.

Like every year before, my family visited one of our favorite vendors – the maple syrup booth in the Horticulture Building. Not only did I order one of my favorite treats – a maple syrup snow cone – but I noticed how every year their menu gets larger as they diversify their tasty product offerings. You used to only be able to order a maple snow cone. A few years later it was maple cotton candy. This year their expanded menu included maple slushies, soft maple ice cream, and maple ice cream shakes. I appreciate their diversity but found myself overwhelmed with the choices – there were too many great options.
The innovation of this business’ product line has created loyal customers in a market of a thousand fantastic food options. Their expanding product line makes our family spend more money with them every year. Producing quality products – whether they are old or new creations – always draws us back.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you that diversifying your product line with quality items can keep your clients guessing, content and coming back for more. Think about how you can diversify your product or service offerings in the near future.
If you need some inspiration, stroll down to the New York State Fair this weekend and visit the maple syrup booth! Grab a tasty maple treat that suits your fancy and get creative. Let me know if you come up with any great new ideas for your business. If you do, the next maple snow cone is on me. 
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