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Opening The Door

August 26, 2009

In preparing some really interesting topics for the October Women TIES Retreat, I had a chance to speak to three women who made it into the “million dollar club.” All three performed the same action in order to eventually get into this exclusive club. Although they will talk more about their personal stories and lessons learned in a couple months, what was universal in their growth was the fact they couldn’t reach the million dollar sales figure on their own. 
As women we are so use to doing everything by ourselves – we multi-task, we obsess, we perfect, and we work ourselves to the bone thinking we can do the work better than anyone else. We become so use to the pace and demands we put on ourselves, we don’t see we are really limiting our growth.
A universal element in the stories of the women who have reached high levels of success was hiring and transitioning work to a valuable assistant. This one decision was integral in helping them expand operations.
Recently I thought of the old adage, “When one door closes, another door opens,” when talking to a woman saddled with a big business decision. Sometimes we have to close the door on doing business the same way we’ve been doing it for years to move into a brighter future. Walking through a door might be a much easier transition than hiring someone to take over some of our responsibilities, but they both require trust in what lies ahead not dependency on what lies behind.
Change can be scary – hiring someone to help you grow your business might be scary too. But not making the transition can be just as frightening if it means losing market share, clients and sometimes your sanity.
Today I hope you’ll move positively forward through open doors to keep growing as an entrepreneur. You can’t stay behind and hope status quo is good enough – because it isn’t. Entrepreneurship is constantly about challenge. Growing your company means growing yourself and challenging yourself to take the next step you know you have to take to walk into a new space where you can flourish. 

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