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Business Success Strategies Seven – Nine

August 18, 2009

Today we are publishing three more success strategies to help women entrepreneurs succeed in business. The strategies come from fifteen years of business wisdom and experience. We hope they inspire you to higher levels of entrepreneurial success.  Let us know if they work for you.

Analyze Your Long Term Success

Three years into running Five Star Events was when I decided to perform an extensive review of my past successes and failures to plan a better road map for my company’s future. Sometimes a longer perspective on the rise of your company can give you insight into future planning. Although yearly planning is advised and wise, sometimes the longer look gives you a better sense of where you have been and where you want to continue to go.

 Surround Yourself with Women Like Yourself

Being a fifteen year entrepreneur has as much to do with the encouragement and wise advice from other women entrepreneurs as it does from my own efforts. From day one, I surrounded myself with other women in business who had expertise, energy, and intellect to inspire me to my own higher levels of success. Because of this, I created Women TIES (  knowing how helpful women can be for each other. Surround yourself with strong women who believe in you and your endeavors.

Have Advisors

I couldn’t have survived fifteen years in business if I didn’t have wonderful business advisors helping me stay on track. Joan Powers of the Small Business Development Center has been my advisor for Five Star Events. Her excellent advice and support over the years gave me what I needed to prepare business plans, conduct research on new ideas, and act as a sounding board when I needed one. If you haven’t used the SBDC for your business before, you are missing out on one of the best complimentary business services offered by the government.

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