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Personal Progression

July 14, 2009

After President Obama was elected in January, I signed up to receive White House communication to keep abreast of the most current news. Today I received an email from him with a link to Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s opening statements to the US Senate Judiciary Committee for her Supreme Court nomination hearings.  I was immediately impressed with her warmth and intelligence.

She mentioned that her “progress” to this significant achievement in her life was “uniquely American”. Her single mother put her and her brother through school while studying to become a nurse at the same time. She discussed how the key to her success was her education, willingness to work hard, and dedication to values; which is similar for so many women entrepreneurs as well.

For a period of her professional career, she was a commercial litigator working on national and international legal matters regarding contracts and trademarks. Her commercial litigation work eventually led to judicial appointments. 

Ever since hearing her name as the appointee, I praised President Obama for selecting a female for the post. Now after learning about her background, especially with a business law background, and her compassionate and intellectual voice, I hope she becomes our new Supreme Court Justice.

Today remind yourself that there are many women in this world, who come from humble beginnings, different walks of life, diverse skin colors, and challenging backgrounds who through the gift of education, service, and values rise to the top of their chosen profession. Be reminded today that you have the same potential within you.   

When you feel like you are not making “progress”, when you aren’t sure where your personal or professional path is leading you, remember there is a plan and you are on your way to achieving your own high level of personal success. Be proud today that there are examples of women, like Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who stand out as beacons of light and hope for women making “progress” down their own road. You are one of them

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