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Strategic Visioning

June 9, 2009

Perched on my desk is the personal “vision board” I created at Saturday’s “Strategic Planning With Vision Retreat” hosted by two Women TIES members Pamela Moss of Inner Vision Portraits (  and Carmen Munson of Climb Higher ( The images that fill the large poster are of First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey in the White House, young African girls with sparkling eyes,  and women entrepreneurs from Ethiopia. The words I choose to accompany the photos say:
“Let’s Start a Movement,” “Be What You Are, Give What Is Yours To Give,” “Reasons Why Women Make Life Worth Living,” “Forward Thinking,” and “It Felt Wonderful to See Her Empowered.”
As I followed the directions to clip images and words from magazines that tugged at my heart and vision, I didn’t pay attention to them until I had the display board done. I recognized things I already knew about myself while at the same time discovering things I didn’t realize.  I wasn’t surprised the large photos were of women, the complimentary photos of pink flowers, and the words of empowerment, inspiration, and abundance sprinkled around. I know what moves me and that’s why I love my company Women TIES. But I was surprised at the emergence of a deep desire to help impoverished women in other parts of the world – a larger global dream I will now keep in mind.
After we created our visioning board, we put together a strategic plan for our vision. We analyzed our strengths, resources and opportunities and put together an action plan. I’ve never been more motivated in my life to achieve my “vision” for my life. It was a truly amazing experience.   Today I want to remind you that you must stay in tune with your internal entrepreneurial vision in order to stay on your path and to travel down a road that will lead you to your deepest dreams and aspirations. We have an incredible opportunity to change the world for ourselves and others.  As Oprah says, “Live Your Best Life.”

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