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New Technologies

March 14, 2009

My youngest son came home from school recently and said “We have to turn on YouTube – my teacher’s daughter is on it dressed as a dinosaur singing the Hokie Pokie!” Last week, my oldest son turned on my computer and made me watch the “Mr. Genesee” competition so I could witness his seventeen year old friends perform at this annual spring event. So when Veronika Freeman, owner of Stress Free Design and Dotcalm (, told me she would like to have her presentation at next week’s Women TIES Syracuse luncheon taped and featured on YouTube, I envisioned a room full of dancing women entrepreneurs since that has been my only experience with YouTube! My worries subsided when Veronika told me that wasn’t necessary!
The concept of taping and displaying her Women TIES presentation online through this relatively new media is to gain internet exposure for Women TIES to draw more new consumers to our website. As busy as we get, we can’t underestimate the new technologies appearing online and the new venues to promote our companies. We must commit to better understanding what they are about and how they can benefit our enterprises.   
Today remind yourself that you must continue to educate yourself in the latest technologies so you can stay in touch with the best ways to keep your company looking good and accessible to potential consumers.  I promise it doesn’t mean you have to sing the Hokie Pokie to make it happen!

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