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Dreaming Big & Landing National Attention

February 26, 2009

“Opportunities lie all around us. You must keep your eyes open. They are out there. Reach for them,” are sentiments from Joyce Finnegan, President of ROJETI a Rome, New York business (, whose innovative green products are at QVC waiting final approval to go on sale on the most popular shopping network today.
Joyce has sent her unique, eco-friendly laundry bags to major stars, glamorous hotel chains, and media outlets hoping for a big break. Through constant effort, grit and determination knocking on doors and making cold calls to the gatekeepers who monitor celebrity agents, she has gotten closer to putting her company on the map. Her pending breakout opportunity with QVC is a real possible, “dream come true” opportunity for her business.
Like Joyce, I have always believed in big opportunities. I always knew success was possible if I wanted something strong enough. So when a big opportunity presented itself last year, like Joyce, I took it. I’m happy to announce in one month, Women TIES will gain national and international attention when my story appears in the latest “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series entitled “Power Moms: 101 Inspirational Stories By Stay at Home and Work at Home Moms” ( My hope is the story will inspire women and also direct readers to the Women TIES website to buy from my fantastic members.  Women TIES believes strongly in the power of women, especially the buying power of women.
Women entrepreneurs must remember big dreams are worth having, worth pursuing, worth accomplishing. If you haven’t dreamed big in awhile, I hope you start today. I hope you turn on QVC grab a bowl of Chicken Soup and visualize yourself on a national television show, in a popular book series or where ever you want to appear. It’s possible. It’s very possible. You just have to keep your eyes open and seize opportunities. 

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