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When Times Are Tough, Women Entrepreneurs Keep Going

February 11, 2009

Mornings like this one, with the sun shining and warm temperatures arriving this afternoon, make us feel like we can do anything. Hope springs eternal on mornings like today.

As I listened to Good Morning America an hour ago, Robin Roberts was interviewing Dave Ramsey host of The Dave Ramsey Show, a nationally syndicated radio program that offers life-changing financial advice. She asked him for one piece of good news about business today. His comment was, “93% of people are still employed, but the ones who have lost their jobs are starting their own businesses. Some of today’s strongest businesses were born out of past recessions. There is tremendous opportunity right now for small businesses to succeed and shine.”

For the past month and a half, I have seen women entrepreneurs working even harder to make their businesses more successful. There is a new focus, a determination, and a tenacity, I sense in the air. As the popular saying goes, “When times get tough, the tough get going.” I’d like to rephrase that saying by stating,
“When times get tough, women entrepreneurs get going.”

Women TIES was born for this time in history. We are positioned better than most organizations to help women survive and prosper during today’s economic situation because of our core mission. We have never been shy about our belief that women must buy from each other; must think out of the box and collaborate on products, services and events; must travel to other areas to open up the economic corridor; must push outside their comfort level to make more sales calls in order to create financial opportunities from women they meet at our events and through our website. I hear from women every day on how deeply they believe in what we stand for and have been more successful because of their affiliation with our company.
On this beautiful February day, I challenge you to do three things to help your business right now. First, pick up the phone and call five women in our network you want to connect with today. Second, order something from someone who has taken the time to post a special to increase their sales this month; and third perform a public relations activity to give your business extra promotion to increase your visibility to future consumers. Today is the day, let’s get going!

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