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Creativity 101

September 16, 2008

When Women TIES was created in 2005, one of our first presenters was Erin McKenna Nowak of Bride Design ( She shared success strategies on using creativity to grow a business. It was one of the most memorable presentations Women TIES has had over the past three years.

Erin challenged women entrepreneurs in the audience to take half a day to create 100 ideas for their business. It was an excerise I tried myself and found very worth my while. The hard part about the challenge is the fact you get to idea number 40 and get stuck. The creativity that develops coming up with ideas 41- 100 is where some of the best, “out of the box” business ideas come from. If you find one or two of those ideas in your business each quarter, you are guaranteed at discovering a new revenue source for your enterprise.

In the audience was Jen Comfort of She Takes the Cake ( After the presentation, Jen and Erin met and created their own edible invitation which was launced this past year. Not only are they creating and selling their new product, they are blogging about it with much success. Tomorrow Erin and Jen will be in Martha Stewart’s audience with bloggers from around the country. If I guess correctly, Jen and Erin will slip Martha Stewart’s producers a taste of their products from Sweet Talk Boutique (

Women entrepreneurs should follow the example of Erin and Jen and use creativity to propel their businesses forward with new products, collaboration and cross promotion. Entrepreneurial possibilities are unlimited.

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  1. September 17, 2008 7:36 pm

    What a great example of teaming up for a creative new angle!


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