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Strategic Networking

September 10, 2008

No matter what profession you are in, networking is key to success in meeting new contacts which is important for business growth and development. Women entrepreneurs are extremely busy individuals with bustling careers and a million hats to wear. So networking should be done wisely and purposefully. Here are a few success strategies to help you network and connect. 

List Your Networking Goals: Before you join any organization, go to a networking event or go to a regional or national conference for ultimate networking, you must list your networking goals. Successful women network to sell, not network to socialize. So setting networking goals, finding the right organization, the right events and the right people to network with are key components to succeeding in this area. Just like life, goal setting leads to success so you must establish solid networking goals.

Connect After You Network: Once you network, you must take action and connect with the contacts you meet. Remember if you are networking for increased sales and financial success, then follow-up after networking is essential. Many great opportunities are lost because follow-up is never done after the initial contact. Networking only turns to sale if you connect afterwards, so make sure you walk out of an event and commit to follow through with the individuals you meet.

Remember to Network and Connect with Old Contacts: After you are done connecting with new potential clients, don’t forget to connect with clients from your past. Don’t fall into the trap of “out of sight, out of mind” once you have completed business with a customer. Past clients and business contacts can be prime candidates for new connections and new sales. Give them a call or send them a letter reconnecting and telling them about new services you are providing to clients. Go to lunch and catch up. See if they would like to work with you again. Old contacts could mean new revenue.

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