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Supporting Women Leaders

September 6, 2008

Watching the recent political conventions, I noticed how ecstatic women in the convention hall become when Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin’s names are mentioned. There is also a thunderous applause anytime women’s rights is spoken at the podium. There is a rumbling thunder which keeps getting louder as women achieve greater heights. How far away is the possibility of not only a female president or vice president but a ticket with two women on it? What a fantastic day that will be.

In Central New York some of the biggest and most innovative changes have come from female presidents of some local colleges. Each of them have brought amazing changes to their campuses. Dr. Debbie Sydow, President of Onondaga Community College (, Dr. Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Syracuse University (, and Dr. Deborah Stanley, President of SUNY Oswego ( are just a few of the female college leaders making positive impacts in our community. It is only a matter of time before a female president will grace the white house and make similar positive influences for our nation.

As women entrepreneurs we can move towards this possibility by supporting all women in their endeavors – business, political and socially. Women TIES believes in the power of women. Women must support each other so we can move towards a brighter future when female leaders propel our economy, country and future towards a brighter horizon.

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