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Business Plateaus

August 25, 2008

Every woman entrepreneur sometime in her business life hits a plateau. It is a natural part of developing a business. Once a plateau is reached, the business owner wonders how they can move beyond it.

Periodically entrepreneurs need to go back to their business plan and re-examine their short and long term goals. An analysis will determine if someone is on track with what they projected. Sometimes women get so busy running their businesses, they forget to look at the “plans’ that got them moving in the first place. A business plan is a road map to be referred to often. It is an ever changing, ever evolving business tool.

If an entrepreneur can’t work through the plateau after reviewing their plan and making revisions, they should ask for help. A business coach or adviser might help identify problems and push them through to the next level. Advisers can be vital in lending the right advice to get women moving in the right direction again. Remember, women love asking for advice so don’t go too long before seeking the counsel you need to propel your through the rough patches.

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