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Standing in Power

August 13, 2008

As the carefree days of summer start winding down with glorious sunrises, warm breezes and family vacations, women entrepreneurs know they need to get back in the full swing of business. Most women love beginnings more than endings, so as this glorious time of year begins to fade, it is the perfect opportunity to set some positive plans to focus on. Here are some success strategies to inspire you.

Create a Personal Vision for Yourself:  How long has it been since you took time to think about yor personal vision? We get so busy with our companies and everyday life that time rushes by. Before we know it, we are moving down the road, without knowing where we are heading. Take a some time this week to review where you stand right now in your personal and business life. Create a personal vision statement that outlines what is most important to you and details what you will focus on for the rest of the year so you can feel under control and confident.

Concentrate on the Joy Your Business Brings to You:  The most exciting part of starting a business is the overwhelming joy you feel when you think about what you are creating, the rewards it will bring to you, and the benefits it will bring to your clients. After you’ve been in business awhile, the daily tasks of running a business sometimes overshadows the excitement and joy. Take some time today to remember why you started your business. Bring the excitement and enthusiasm to the forefront and feel all the wonderful feelings that come with those thoughts.

Stand in Your Power: My good friend and amazing female leader and entrepreneur, Gwen Webber-McLeod ( often says, “Stand in your Power.” The statement reminds me that as women entrepreneurs, we are unique and talented individuals. We are blessed with personal strengths and abilities that we should be proud of. We use these positive attributes as women business owners. We are strong, capable and successful in our own right. Take time today to embrace the dynamic woman that you are. Stand in your power and be proud you are doing what you want to do and living the life you want to lead.


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