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Sales vs. Customer Service

August 7, 2008

Sales vs. customer service what is most important in making a company successful? Some women entrepreneurs excel in sales while some excel at customer service. Without sales, you won’t have customers. Without customer service, you don’t keep clients. Most women entrepreneurs understand they must concentrate on both in order to grow and sustain their companies.


At my father’s funeral two years ago, the president of his company talked about the importance of being good at both. My father, a district sales manager for a major coffee company, was described as being their company’s best customer service provider.  He was instrumental in growing their company, not through sales, but by treating customers like gold.


My father was both an entrepreneur and sales manager in his business career. He taught me to excel in customer service. Here are a few of his success strategies which can be useful in anyone’s business today:


Make Sure Your Customers Know You Care: In order to grow a business, to maintain a sizable client load, and to really create a successful business, your clients need to know they are important. Your customers should know you care about them by communicating with them frequently, making sure they are happy with your product and service, and fixing any problems they have immediately. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make your customers feel important, it takes time.


Be Warm and Friendly: In today’s automated world, personal communication and interaction is diminishing. Great customer service is not found in voice mail systems, e-mail messages, and formal documents. Great customer service is found in personal phone calls, face to face meetings, and heartfelt notes. Don’t forget people love communicating with people. Take time to visit or meet with you clients. Pick up the phone to check in with them. Send them hand written notes of appreciation. Warmth, friendliness, and attentiveness go along way in today’s world; and in creating a successful business.


Enjoy Your Job and Your Customers Will Notice: If you love your business, love your product, love being an entrepreneur, your clients will notice. Don’t underestimate the power of loving what you do.

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