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The Olympics and Entrepreneurs

August 5, 2008

Saturday marks the beginning of the Olympic games in Beijing, China. For sixteen days, Americans will focus their attention on the international world as elite athletes from all over the globe complete for Olympic gold.


Central New York entrepreneurs might experience an Olympic high resonating in their souls as they witness the sacrifice, determination and accomplishment of these athletes.  Entrepreneurs and athletes have many similarities; and watching these special competitors accomplish their goals in the largest sporting arena of their lives reminds business owners that hard work, training and focus can lead them to their own world changing achievements.  


As the marketplace becomes more global every day, the Olympics can inspire entrepreneurs to expand their horizons and chart the waters to make more international business connections to sustain and grow their companies. By opening our minds to new international possibilities we can change our corporate future.


These Olympics can remind entrepreneurs to be mindful of their own destiny. What lies in the future depends on each individual’s capability, tenacity and far reaching aspirations. For the next sixteen days, as the Olympics unfold, we should be inspired by the athletes that grace the world stage and find inspiration in their efforts to motivate us to our own higher entrepreneurial goals.

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