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The Value of a Recent Headshot

July 28, 2008

As a PR professional I have heard it all when I have asked my clients why they don’t have a professional headshot to accompany their press releases, use on their website, or send in for professional speaking engagements. Here are a few of my favorites:

* I always have a bad hair day.

* I’d rather use the photo of myself from ten years ago when I had less wrinkles on my face.

* I am always changing my hair color so it will never be current.

* I hate my smile and have a droopy jaw line.

* I need a face lift before having a photo taken.

I counter by asking this question,“When you see news in the paper, do you analyze the photo of the person you are reading about or do you read the news and wish you were getting the same kind of promotion they were getting?”
I tell my PR clients this phrase, “You are the face of your company whether you like it or not, so you must have the tools to promote yourself in order to promote your company.” 

If one of those excuses has been your favorite reason for not having a recent headshot done, forget it and get smiling! It is essential you have a recent photo to email to media, use at conferences, and use on your print and web materials.

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