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Renewing the Spirit

July 23, 2008

Recently an entrepreneurial magazine asked the question, “Where do you go to renew your spirit when business gets too tough?”  It made me think about my own space I retreat to when I need to regroup.


I grew up in Central New York with beautiful, tall, century old maple trees in my yard. Our house was situated in the middle of a one acre parcel. I always felt safe, secure and peaceful sitting under these tall, majestic giants. When it came time to buy my first house, I found a two hundred year old house lined with six tall, century old maple trees and an acre of land. Whether its early Spring and the foliage is just budding, the middle of Summer when the leaves are in full bloom, early Fall when colorful leaves adorn the tree, and even in the dead of Winter when only the branches provide the cover, you’ll find me underneath one of our trees breathing in their strength, resilience, and beauty to settle my tired entrepreneurial soul so I can go back inside to my home office and send inspiration and wisdom to my other female entrepreneurial friends.

It is imperative women entrepreneurs have a place to relax and rejuvenate their tired minds. Entrepreneurship takes a lot of energy. Positive energy to keep us moving forward, and sometimes negative energy when things don’t go as we expected. It is essential to have a special place to go to regroup and refocus. Through quiet and reflection, entrepreneurial souls can be renewed, helping us to get back on our feet and moving us towards our dreams.

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