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Rollercoaster Confidence

July 17, 2008

Recently a member told me being an entrepreneur is like riding a rollercoaster every day. There are exhilarating days when she advances her company to the top of its field, accomplishes hard goals, and wins big battles paramount to her company’s success. On other days she experiences the dropping feeling you get on a rollercoaster. Those are days when she loses a major client, has employee unrest, or discovers competitors have taken some market share.  After thirteen years in business, I understand what she is talking about there are not many “flat” days when you are an entrepreneur.


Being confident as a business owner is paramount to withstanding the daily, weekly and yearly ups and downs of being in business. If we wanted more predictability, we would work for a company with a defined job description, set hours and steady pay. Our confidence level would be based on how well we did on our annual review or whether we received a raise from our boss.


But women entrepreneurs give up predictability when they venture out on their own.  We relish the thought of unlimited income, undefined work hours, and unpredictability. But in order to succeed in this type of work environment, we must remain confident. Confidence in ourselves and our business is what gets us through the downhill drops which are inevitable in business and in life.

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  1. July 21, 2008 2:44 pm

    Rollercoaster is so the word for my day to day work-at-home/freelance/entrepreneur life! Some days I wonder why I do anything at all because “nothing” seems to work. Fortunately, other days I have small successes that help keep my spirits up and my feet running forward.

    Once in a while I think maybe a carousel (regular job) would be easier, but I’ve always liked riding the rollercoaster. 😉


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