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Summertime Marketing

July 1, 2008

Ellie Hayman, known as the “Queen of Advertising” in the Syracuse marketplace with her iconic billboards which state “You Can’t Spell ‘Sell’ Without ‘Ell’ie Hayman,” has always captivated me with her creative marketing strategies. My favorite Ellie Hayman ( marketing story was the time she biked around Boca Raton, Florida with a t-shirt on her back that said “House for Sale”. The media heard about it, took photos of her in action and did a story on her creative marketing tactics. She’ll admit the house didn’t sell, but it sure was fun trying!
The closest I ever came to that type of creative marketing was when I went on vacation the first year I started my company Five Star Events. Like Ellie, the ocean breezes must have made me think out of the box. Every beach we went to, as I built sandcastles with my sons, I also wrote in the sand hoping some beach combers might admire the sandcastles and remember my company name at the same time. Just like Ellie, I didn’t get any new clients from the beach advertising, but it was sorta cool!   
I wouldn’t advise women entrepreneurs only market their companies on the back of t-shirts or in the sand, but they should put some fun into marketing, if only during the Summer when the air is light and we are energized by this beautiful season.  
With that being said, I travel to St. John’s next week with my husband and sons, so you won’t have a Wednesday Wisdom. But I can promise you, I’ll be building sandcastles, writing my two corporate website addresses in the sand, and maybe even trying to gain some media attention for all of you by parasailing with a pink sail and pink t-shirt that says, “Women TIES Entrepreneurs Soar High!”  

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