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Financial Clarity

June 28, 2008

The other night long after the work day was done I turned on the television to find Suze Orman(, famed financial advisor, speaking to an audience of women.  She was giving them advice on how to bring wealth into their lives. The strategies she discussed weren’t based on financials and investments but rather on key characteristics women must possess in order to attract wealth. There were a few key characteristics she spoke about which resonated with me as a woman entrepreneur.


Don’t Be Afraid

Suze talked at length on how fear can stifle a woman’s wealth. Sometimes women entrepreneurs are: afraid to increase rates every year, scared to charge appropriately on big proposals, and tentative to stick to our fee when we are asked to lower them.  As women entrepreneurs, we cannot be afraid to charge appropriately for our services. We should increase prices if we need to, we must give ourselves a raise or bonus each year just like business professionals receive, and we should decline projects not worth our time. 


Cleanliness Adds In Clarity

One of the subjects she talked about was how cluttered environments, like our desk, drawers, and offices create too much disorganization in our lives. This disorganization leads to unfocused behaviors and prevents clarity from being present in our business life. Organization is a key to success. Whether it’s having a to-do list everyday, a clean work environment, or an orderly filing system, organization is essential to work efficiently and clearly.


Be Balanced

In order for wealth to enter your life, you must be balanced and harmonious. Burnout, stress, emotional strife are barriers to wealth. In order to be productive as a woman and entrepreneur, you must be in line with your personal goals and in good mental and physical health. Many women entrepreneurs are so overworked striving for success they forget to take care of themselves. Being mentally and physically healthy, as well as harmonious with your core beliefs, is extremely important in achieving goals.

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