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Thanking Clients

June 26, 2008

Monday I managed a large event for one of my long time Five Star Event ( The first thing I did when I returned home late at night from the event was to send a thank you email to the owners of the golf course where the event was held. I wanted them to know how hard their staff worked to make sure the hundreds of details we needed done, to make the event a success, was accomplished. Appreciation for someone else’s hard work, which then reflects positively on us as entrepreneurs, should never be overlooked. Most importantly it should be recognized.
The first thing I did early Tuesday morning was to send a note to my clients thanking them for their business. Even though they have been my clients for eight years, I do not take them for granted. I don’t expect to have their business next year just because I have worked with them for a long time. Each time they hire me for an event, I know my performance and service will determine whether they have me back. So thanking my clients is a priority. 

I realize in a competitive marketplace another company can be knocking on their doors trying to obtain their business. Nothing is secure in the entrepreneurial world except for our ability to perform at the top of our game, deliver what is promised, and go the extra mile for our clients. When we give it our all, we should end up with a long list of repeat clients who appreciate us and share our name with others who can benefit from our services. 
Never forget, a simple thank you goes along way in a competitive economy.

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