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December Business Planning – Go Big or Go Home

November 28, 2012

“Go big or go home” is a quote you’ve heard before. The visual of that quote came to life when my sons cut down a 10′ pine tree as our traditional holiday centerpiece last week. This “go big” concept almost didn’t fit in our “home” as we maneuvered it through small doorways. As I stared at this big, beautiful tree this morning, which is double my size in height, I thought how much larger the Rockefellar Christmas Tree must look and of this quote. 

The quote’s sentiment also resonates with this time of year from a business perspective.  Women entrepreneurs have one more month in the calendar year to hit bold goals set eleven months ago. If we haven’t achieved some of them yet, shouldn’t we push harder to “go big” one more month and end the year on a high note? I think we should.

In order to do that, it will take focus and organization. December is full of personal holiday obligations, family visits, shopping duties, thanking customers and end of the year financial planning. In order to fit it all in, we must have razor sharp vision, a detailed to do list and the intention to finish strong.

Before the third week of December approaches when everyone turns their full attention to enjoying the holidays, dedicate the next 3 weeks to accomplishing or finishing the goals you set for yourself and your business. If you feel you can’t quite get there, spend time analyzing why you didn’t and begin a detailed plan for accomplishing them in 2013. 

Today’s post is to remind you any goals that must be accomplished – big or small – need focus and discipline. I suggest starting three to do lists –  “Must Do December Business Tasks,” “Must Do 2013 Business Planning Items” and “Must Do Holiday Personal Tasks.” By creating your lists, you will more likely complete them in time.  The “success strategies”  can be found on the Women TIES website by clicking here

Santa isn’t the only one who needs to “make a list and  check it twice,” so do women entrepreneurs at the close of the business year. I encourage you to make your lists this week in the company of some eggnog, holiday tunes and perhaps a colorful Christmas tree. There’s plenty of time to enjoy this season while “going big” and ending the year strong at the same time.

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