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Government Support for Women Entrepreneurs

June 1, 2011

February 7th seems like a long time ago especially whenTracySBAAward2011 these humid 80 degree breezes sweep through our morning windows. But a headline in the business section of a national newspaper that cold winter day warmed the hearts of thousands of American women entrepreneurs. The title in The Washington Post read “Women hope SBA rule improves business.” 

The article detailed how the Small Business Administration was implementing a new rule to set aside government contracts for women-owned small businesses in 83 industries. According to the article, advocates believe this program is a way for the federal government to meet its goal of awarding 5 percent of contracting dollars to women-owned small businesses. “This is going to benefit a good percentage of women,” said Ana Recio Harvey, the SBA’s assistant administrator for women’s business ownership.

I’ve been promoting women entrepreneurship for sixteen years and next week will be the first time I have been involved with a program that educates women entrepreneurs on the benefits and processes to become a certified business with the federal government.  When representatives from the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Center and Women’s Business Center of New York State approached me about hosting and promoting a half day workshop I jumped at the opportunity because I knew the government had become more serious about awarding business contracts to women.

According to Roxanne Multcher, the presenter of our June 7th educational workshop on federal government contracting, “We would like to see any woman entrepreneur who is interested in doing business with the Federal government register for the event.  The government buys everything, so the training would apply to any women entrepreneur who would like to enter the government marketplace, or get more government contracts if they are already selling to the government.” Roxanne is an expert in this subject and works as the Government Contracting Coordinator of the NYSSBDC Procurement Assistance Center and Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center.  

Today’s inspirational blog post is intended to make you think about new economic opportunities you might not be aware of but exist to help you succeed and grow.  There are many ways to gain new business. Most of us only utilize traditional avenues. Is it time to educate yourself on new opportunities that could be available to you as head of a woman owned business?

 I’m proud as the leader of this amazing organization of women entrepreneurs that government agencies want to partner with us to bring women in our
organization education and economic opportunities to help them grow their companies. I hope you’ll join me on June 7th so we can all learn together and benefit from the warm intentions of that February announcement. Let’s take advantage of the government’s support. To learn more about this event or to register, click here.

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