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Oprah’s Entrepreneurial Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs

May 25, 2011

I simply couldn’t pass up today’s editorial without mentioning Oprah since today is the last day of her popular 25 year television show. Unlike some of the critics, I cannot, and have never, gotten tired of her. In my mind, she is the symbol of what a successful woman is – strong, intelligent, educated, compassionate, and charitable. She is a woman who has lived an authentic life and set a positive example for millions of women here and abroad. You simply can’t discount her contributions to this world.    

I think when women start their companies they dream to be the next Oprah Winfrey.  No one starts out thinking they want to be the next ordinary entrepreneur. We want to be extraordinary. We don’t begin enterprises because we want to just get by. We create them to make money and to be more successful than if we worked for someone else.  We realized once we started it takes an extraordinary amount of dedication, bravado, tenacity and patience to achieve great heights. 

OprahThere are few of us who will ever achieve what Oprah has achieved. But we can take inspiration from this exceptional entrepreneur and human being and integrate some of her successful traits into our entrepreneurial lives. I believe we should be women entrepreneurs who have an undeniable belief in ourselves and our mission, to always take risks to grow our companies larger than we imagine, to uniquely brand our businesses, to become financially successful, to inspire others along the way, and to give back by helping those less fortunate.

 Today I hope you ponder how Oprah’s accomplishments can inspire you to be a more successful and intentional entrepreneur today. Immerse yourself in thinking what it will take for you to move towards the same kind of business success.  What opportunities should you be taking, like Oprah did for 25 years, to bring your company to a much higher level?

I hope today you take time to watch Oprah’s last show and imagine yourself at the end of your entrepreneurial career with the same amount of success, gratitude and satisfaction for a life well lived.  By celebrating her moment, we celebrate who we are and how much more we can be.

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