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Social Media Marketing Success

March 11, 2011
On March 10th, I marked the 300th inspirational and educational editorial in my popular weekly Women TIES  “Wednesday Wisdom” e-newsletter that goes out to 2,700 women entrepreneurs per week.  I created the Wednesday Wisdom, a weekly e-newsletter in 2005, to inspire and educate women entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. Our editorials have become very popular with our 2,700 readers.
As I pondered what to write last week I realized sharing an example of how two of our members and their expertise in social media marketing greatly impacted Women TIES recently would be beneficial to our readers. I thought this article would be beneficial to our blog viewers too.

Last Wednesday I traveled to Rochester to host our first event in that city.  Encouraged by a couple members to bring our programs there, I planned the event but was nervous about reaching the restaurant’s minimum count requirement for the event. One of our regional volunteers, Donna DeClemente of DDC Marketing Group, an expert in social media marketing, told me not to worry because her extensive outreach through social media marketing would draw a crowd. Even thought I heard online marketing had become increasingly effective, I was a little doubtful it could bring the numbers we needed. But I kept hearing myself say “trust.”  

Sure enough one day after Donna had started the social media marketing campaign for the event, our inbox was full with reservations – 20 in one day! Never in all the years of planning events, have we ever received 20 reservations for one event in 24 hours.  Then it occurred again, the week of the event when another social media marketing blitz took place. The reservations poured in. I was excited to bear witness to the true marketing benefits of this new age media.

 The following day I traveled to Albany to host another Women TIES program on how to “pull business to your company” by Janelle Fields of JFields Marketing. Her program highlighted startling statistics on the quantity of people online today, what specific social media and online tools they are using, and how to attract more consumers to websites and blogs.  The statistics were simply astounding and proof that companies must have a strong online presence in today’s marketplace. 

 So today I write this blog to inspire you to learn more, and become as active as possible, in promoting your company through online marketing. Gone are the days when you push out your advertising hoping to attract customers. Now you must pull customers to you by creating online relationships through social media marketing. Learn as much as you can to give your company a competitive edge.

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