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High Achievers

September 3, 2010

Women entrepreneurs must be high achievers to accomplish their big, colorful dreams. Not only does it require saying “yes” more often as we discussed in our last blog post, it also requires action. Today we list three attributes of high achievers. Take your business to the next level by being inspired by people who live boldly.  

1. Plan for the Day: Jeff Gitomer says, “Since you don’t know the day success will occur, you’d better be ready every day.” High achievers are planners. They set long term goals. They establish short term goals that help them achieve larger goals. They create daily action plans to achieve their short term goals. Make planning for success a habit. Take time today to do the following: Set a major goal to achieve in six months. Set two short term goals to achieve the next few months. Set one action goal each day so you reach your short and long term goals. At the end of each month, tally your successes.

2. Learn Something New: High achievers never stop learning. Every day women should learn something new. It could be new developments in your industry, general business practices and procedures, or new technologies to grow your business. New information is essential for success. Learn and you will achieve your goals.

3. Recognize and Take Advantage of Opportunity: Opportunity is elusive. Keep your eyes open for opportunities that could lead to business success. Focus on seeking and searching for situations to expand and grow your business. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude knowing that by staying aware of opportunities you have the chance to seize them when others aren’t paying attendion. High achievers keep their eyes, ears and minds open to all possibilities.

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