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Personal Attention

August 28, 2009

When I opened my mailbox today I was pleasantly surprised to find a hand written envelope from one of the colleges we toured the week prior. Our 19 year old tour guide took the time to write my son a personal thank you note. Included in the note was his personal business card in case he had further questions about the college. Not only was I impressed with this young man during our tour, I was equally impressed by the hand written note thanking us for visiting the campus.

The lasting impression of his effervescent personality, knowledge of the campus and follow-up told me this college means business and recognizes the fact a high level of personal attention to prospective students can endear a prospective student and family to their institution and increase their enrollment numbers.

As women entrepreneurs we should remember this example the next time we are courting a prospective customer. Personal attention, going the extra mile to answer their questions and thanking them for their consideration in becoming a client might be just what we need to secure them as a new client –  just like this young man and college did for us. When you think about it there really aren’t a lot of bells and whistles needed to seal a deal. Sometimes all it takes is a genuine approach in making your client feel like you value their time and consideration. Showing appreciation goes along way.   

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